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The GMSRA Executive encourages all former General Motors Salaried employees who have retired, moved on to new life, or changed career paths to join the General Motors Salaried Retirees Association.  This includes the folks who left due to plant closings or corporate restructuring. Please complete the Membership Application Form (click on the appropriate tab down the left side). 
The General Motors Salaried Retirees Association was established in 1982.  The Executive is elected and/or appointed every two years.  We have members from coast to coast in Canada and the USA as well as international members from Australia.  We feel our Association helps to “fill the gap” between regular GM employment days and local senior activities.  Our members support many activities locally and nationally  such as hospital fund raisers, food drives, children benefits.  In addition, we assist with disaster relief.
General Membership Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month (except for June, July, August, and September) at the Woodview Park Community Centre, 151 Cadillac Avenue North, Oshawa.  From Noon to 1:00 PM is a social hour where you can meet and reminisce with friends and colleagues.  The formal portion of the meeting starts at 1:00 PM and typically involves a presentation on a topic of interest by a guest speaker.    In addition, GMSRA sponsors a Christmas Luncheon, Christmas Dance and outings to theatre performances, baseball games, etc.
On the 2nd Tuesday in June we have a golf tournament and on the 2nd Tuesday in September we have a Picnic.
We also publish a monthly Newsletter which is sent out to all members.  These Newsletters and our website share what is happening in our members lives, hobbies, and health concerns.

If you require additional information, please contact Roy Ward at or Gavin Watts at